41 New Housing Units Proposed to Replace Lawton Street Gas Station

By Thomas K. Pendergast

A five-story, mixed-use building, now under review by the San Francisco Planning Department, will replace a Union 76 gas station at the corner of Lawton Street and 42nd Avenue in the Outer Sunset District.

The Planning Commission had previously approved a four-story, 15-unit building in December of 2017, but since then a new design that adds another floor and nearly three times the residential units has been submitted to the department.


This is an artist’s rendition by Kodorski Design submitted to the SF Planning Department showing the mixed-use project proposed to replace a gas station on Lawton Street at 42nd Avenue in the Outer Sunset.

According to plans submitted by the Kodorski Design firm, this new development will feature 41 residential units above enough ground floor space for four commercial businesses. 

 Of the residential units, 27 will be one-bedroom, 13 units will be two-bedroom, and one three-bedroom. The three-bedroom unit will be on two floors, with the upper floor containing bedrooms and a full bathroom with shower, totaling 1,164 square feet. 

The one-bedroom units range from the smallest at 363 square feet, to three of the largest each at 800 square feet.  

The two-bedroom units range from a minimum of 800 square feet each, up to the largest at 1,014 square feet. 

The overall structure will use concrete for the basement and first floor area while the other four stories will be wood framed. 

A 10,000-square-foot parking garage will fill much of the basement area, with 24 parking spaces, one of which will be dedicated to handicapped parking and designed for a van with extra room to offload a wheelchair. There will also be 41 bicycle parking spaces included in the garage.  

There will be an additional 12 bicycle parking spaces installed on the sidewalks around the building. 

The four commercial spaces will range from the smallest at 690 square feet, up to the largest at 750 square feet. 

The project takes advantage of the Home-SF program, which was created by former District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang and removes the normal density limits for zoning in that area in exchange for building more housing. Overall, the development will be 46,050 square feet. 

There will also be a 3,135-square-foot roof deck common area for residents with wooden benches and Japanese Privet shrubbery surrounding skylight wells. It will be surrounded by a parapet running along the outer edges with solar panels installed. 

Bay windows around the structure will consist of wood panels, metal and glass with “air cavities,” plus balconies for apartments on the upper floors. 

Three of the four residential units on the ground floor will also each have access to ground-level balconies surrounded by five-foot-tall wooden fences, with a private patio and dining table accessible to the three-bedroom apartment. California wild lilac will be planted all around, and an open space accessible to the public will have wooden benches. 

Creeping fig will be planted along some of the outer wall space, and Chinese elm trees will be planted along the sidewalks around the building. 

There will also be a wooden planter with detached soil boxes. 

The gas station it will be replacing was built in 1966. 

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  1. This building will be out of place and dwarf the other 2 story residential buildings in the area. Totally inappropriate for the area. What is the parking plan for this building — there is none. adding 41 new residents to an area already short on street parking is just ludicrous. This is just a bad idea all the way around. The original proposed 15 units was already too much for the area. Lawton is a light neighborhood commercial street we don’t need to dump 41 new units on it with upwards of 80 people in residence. If this is allowed to proceed what is next — 20 story buildings along the Great Hwy?


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