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When Sunset Homes Sell For $1500/Square Foot

Column by Alexander Clark

There is a little something I do on a weekly basis over at, similar to what I’ve been recently sharing here for the Richmond District, and that is a top 10 tally of the city’s most ridiculous overbids. It’s a great way to get to know the market, and really just be in awe of how San Francisco real estate differs from the rest of the nation.

This week, the top spot on the list was a small house in the Sunset that sold for slightly over $1500/square foot. So I thought all of you Sunset / Richmond people might want to know.

You can read the full post by following this link: Sunset House Gets Over $1500 per Square Foot.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Alexander Clark is a Richmond District resident and Realtor/Founder of theFrontSteps – San Francisco Real Estate

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