Press Release

Press Release: Sunset Resident Publishes Eating Plan Book

GOLDEN GATE PUBLISHING RELEASES “3 Day Vegan … “The Better Than Nothing

Golden Gate Publishing is happy to announce the release of “3 Day Vegan… ‘The Better Than Nothing Plan'” by Siovonne Smith.

“3 Day Vegan… ‘The Better Than Nothing Plan’” is a how-to guide for
those interested in being a part-time vegan. This original eating plan
offers a fresh idea for readers who want to improve their health, the
environment and reduce their risks of potential health problems or

This plan is adaptable and tailored by the reader to fit their lifestyle.
Whether that’s three days, one day, or even full time. This plan offers
step-by-step instructions, inspiration, motivation and beautiful
photography to assist and inspire the reader towards their healthy eating goals. This plan can also be easily tailored for those interested in being a part-time vegetarian.

The author and photographer, Siovonne Smith, is a San Francisco native
who grew up in the West Portal neighborhood. She has also been a resident of the Marina and Richmond districts and is now a resident of the Sunset District.

Siovonne is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.A. in International Relations. She also studied, lived, and worked in Europe. Siovonne is a writer, screenwriter and photographer.

“3 Day Vegan… ‘The Better Than Nothing Plan’” by Siovonne Smith retails for $19.95 and is available online, at select bookstores, and at All Golden Gate Publishing books are designed, produced, and printed in
the USA.

vegan book is sponsored in part by:

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