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Press Release: Laurel School Inclusive Schools Group Resource Fair

The Laurel School is hosting the first annual Inclusive Schools Group Resource Fair

The Laurel School, a leading K-8 school for children with mild to moderate learning differences, is pleased to announce they are hosting the first annual Inclusive Schools Group Resource Fair on Saturday, Feb. 1  from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free and open to all families that reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Inclusive Schools Group is a consortium of K-12 schools that support neurodiversity. It is committed to organizing and sharing information about school events, programs and related resources in order to guide families in finding the best school for their children.

The Laurel School’s Director of Admissions, Megan Rabbitt, founded the Inclusive Schools Group after realizing the need for school administrators to collaborate with one another to best serve the student population in the San Francisco/Bay Area community.

“As a group, we heard a need from parents in the community whose children may need more than what traditional schools can offer them,” explained Rabbitt. “At the Resource Fair, parents can easily attend and receive helpful information about where to send their child to school or learn who are the highly regarded therapists in town.

“At a typical Admissions Fair, parents can become overwhelmed weeding through the booths trying to find a school that may or may not meet their child’s needs, especially if they have any learning challenges. Instead of having the Fair wrapped around the admissions season, our Resource Fair is a one-stop-shop for parents that simply need information and want to learn about the schools in the San Francisco Bay Area that cater to students who need more support,” Rabbitt said.

Head of The Laurel School, Hal Hensler added, “The Inclusive Schools Fair will provide a much-needed venue for parents to meet and speak with our experienced staff and learn just how we make a difference in individualizing a child’s education so they can have the confidence and esteem to succeed anywhere.”

 The Laurel School, located in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco, serves students with mild to moderate language-based learning differences, attention deficit and social communication challenges. Through its research-based approach to curriculum and social-emotional education, the students thrive in small and more personalized sensory smart classrooms with credentialed special education faculty. The Laurel School focuses on each child’s potential, which allows the teachers to develop individualized educational experiences for each child.

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