letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor – Dog Park Plan Extravagant

Dear Editor,

So the State and the City are going to spend $2.7 million on a dog run in Golden Gate Park and Sandra Fewer and Phil Ting think this is a great use of the taxpayer’s money.  I disagree.

This is an extravagant and unneeded amount of money to spend on a space to let a few dogs run around.  I am within viewing distance of the dog run for three hours most Saturdays and, from what I see, that area isn’t much used.  There are rarely more than a dozen dogs there at a time.

We don’t need a new parking lot, just patch the old one. We don’t need a new fence and we don’t need an expanded dog run. Just put the area for small dogs inside
the existing dog run; there’s plenty of room.

Make improvements, if needed, but scale this project back.  If you can’t bring it in under a million dollars don’t do it. There are better uses for our tax dollars.

May I remind everyone that Ocean Beach, a mile away, allows dogs off leash from the Cliff House to the Snowy Plover Protection area all year.

David Romano
San Francisco


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