Swedenborgian Church Celebrates its 125th Anniversary in March

Press Release: 

A landmark church that is a tribute to nature, celebrates its 125th anniversary.

A little-known landmark in San Francisco which is intimately connected with our current environmental concerns, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The National Historic Landmark architectural treasure Swedenborgian Church which held its first service in March 1895, whose form and construction was conceived and guided by a friend of John Muir, is an architectural tribute to our deep spiritual connection to the natural world.

Appropriately, the church has planned engaging and enlightening celebrations for two consecutive weekends in March around the environmental theme and go beyond the tiny church and garden’s history and significance, to the larger goal of engagement with nature through direct exploration, artistic expression and its power to refresh the human spirit.

Beginning the evening of March 13 with a screening of “John Muir: Unruly Mystic,” the weekend’s following presentations by historians, authors, curators and artists will explore the many facets of natural inspirations in the arts for all of us, but particularly represented in the lives of those who helped form this church in 1895.

Continuing the following weekend, March 20-22, will be engaging activities for all ages that explore our connection to nature through the arts. Not only art/craft activities are planned, but nature walks for kids, guided scavenger and discovery hunts, virtual tours and augmented reality games. Guided photography, poetry readings, alternative health practices, and mindfulness walks are also on the agenda. Environmental groups will host information tables and offer ways to become engaged with environmental issues. Plans are also in the works for a raffle of transformative, life-enhancing, and fun prize experiences such as whale watch excursions, hot air balloon rides, retreats, and more.

Both weekends will be replete with refreshments throughout the days, as well as other entertainment and pop-up dramatic readings on nature from historic poets and authors. All are invited to the regular Sunday church services also, which will reflect the theme in sermon and song. All talks and activities for the public will be free, except music concerts on Sunday evenings, which will feature music inspired by the same theme.

Event location: SF Swedenborgian Church, 2107 Lyon St., at Washington Street, San Francisco. Office: 3200 Washington St.

For general church information, call (415) 346-6466.

Follow the announcements and schedules on the church web site: and on Facebook:  Nature & Spirit

Find concert information on the church website and on Facebook: Swedenborg Concert Series


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