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Letter to the Editor: Examine Our Governance


I’m an out of towner visiting a relative in this neighborhood. I‘ve  visited SF many times since the early ’60s.

I read your article on the Fewer recall effort with interest. I must tell you her and others chanting f—k the POA is  unacceptable, period. Her weak attempt to walk back her words by saying she was talking only about the POA and not peace officers is childish.

From your article it is clear that her feelings and intent expressed strong distaste for peace officers. The idea that a recall isn’t financially responsible when her re-election attempt looms in 2020  should make sense to most. I’m sure in your next issue you will make comment and apply that reasoning to the impeachment attempt against the president. I look forward to that editorial!

But the real reason I write is to suggest it might be a good time to examine with open eyes the governance of this district, SF generally and the state as a whole.

I’ve been coming to SF for many years and it was once a beautiful shining beacon to world. That is no longer true. SF is now a filthy place, crime is not prosecuted, drug use is accepted and even encouraged, people living in this country illegally are welcomed to an admitted sanctuary city and even given many benefits, at the expense of many needy legal citizens. I can think of no reason that justifies this. California as a whole mirrors what is happening in SF.

Perhaps it’s time to take a hard look at the people who govern The Richmond, SF and California as a whole. People like Fewer that voice dislike/hatred for the police really have no place governing you/us. Certainly the police nationwide have done bad things, but true statistics show those acts are a extremely small percentage of police interactions with citizens. We both know this is true.

I’ll close by reminding you with regret that SF and this state is a mess. Lets take a long look at those that REPRESENT us.

Allen Brown

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