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City College Heads Off Into the Sunset

PRESS RELEASE: Supervisor Gordon Mar announces the launch of City College Sunset for Spring 2020

Six new classes will serve westside residents, older adults, and high school students

Supervisor Gordon Mar recently announced the launch of City College Sunset for the Spring 2020 semester, delivering on a key commitment from his campaign for supervisor within his first year in office.

The six new City College classes in the Sunset will serve working adults, seniors, immigrants and high school students and will be located at Wah Mei School, 1400 Judah St. and at Abraham Lincoln High School, 2162 24th Ave. Classes begin the week of Jan. 13 and are tuition free for San Francisco residents, thanks to the groundbreaking Free City program first approved in 2016, and secured for the next decade earlier this year through budget negotiations lead by Supervisor Mar.

In February, Supervisor Mar’s office held a City College Sunset Town Hall that yielded over 400 surveys from Sunset residents expressing input on the classes and services needed by the Sunset. The classes were made possible from an investment from Supervisor Mar’s office in expanding community-serving classes at City College after a reduction in state funding.

“City College is our City’s only life-long learning institution, and City College Sunset is a model for expanding and preserving college access for working adults, seniors, immigrants and high school students,” said Mar. “As the state cuts funding for these community-serving classes, my office is proud to step up and invest in community education.”

The Spring 2020 classes based at Wah Mei will comprise two child development courses, one English as a second language (ESL) class, and one older adult class. The Lincoln High School dual-enrollment courses will comprise one American Sign Language and one College Success course.

“This investment in City College Sunset will support the diverse educational needs of Sunset and westside residents and expand access to working adults, seniors, immigrants and high school students,” said City College Board President Alex Randolph. “The City College Sunset classes are free for all San Francisco residents.”

The child development classes based at Wah Mei School consists of two of the four classes required for the childcare profession permit.

“Wah Mei School is proud to host these classes and serve our Sunset and westside community,”said Ben Wong, executive director of Wah Mei School. “The child development classes will support the workforce development of the childcare profession.”

The older adult “Mind-Body Health class will be support seniors in maintaining an active lifestyle and promote public safety of seniors,” said Margaret Graf. “When seniors have the opportunity to keep their minds and bodies mentally and physically active, we will be more confident and safe.”

“This investment in ESL classes is critical to serving the immigrant community after budget cuts in City College’s credit and noncredit programs, said Li Lovett. “The ESL classes will support the language needs of our immigrant workforce and seniors.”

Two dual-enrollment classes at Lincoln High were determined after Supervisor Mar’s office listened to input from school district administrators.

“The College Success and American Sign Language classes at Lincoln High will allow high school students like me to gain college credit and meet high school requirements at the same time, said Chloe Wong, a Lincoln High student. “These classes will give students a college experience and a leg up for college applications.”

As the State of California changed its funding formula for community colleges, community-serving classes have seen reduced funding – a trend bucked by Mar’s local investment in bringing these classes to an underserved neighborhood.

City College Sunset will serve as a pilot for the spring 2020 semester, with the potential for new class offerings and an expanded schedule in the future, depending on demand and interest in the program.


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  1. I am lamenting the loss of my writing and women’s lit classes; both taught by audrey ferber at John Adams and the JCC, respectively. I had my first published piece in the CC Forum due to the OLAD program. Both classes provide intellectual stimulation and community friendships. What a huge personal and community loss. I’m sad and insulted at being summarily dismissed.


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