letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor – Prop. A Ads Misleading


Thank you for the great and informative paper that you put out for everyone.  

I am concerned about the misinformation surrounding San Francisco’s Proposition A advertising. Mayor London Breed and the Yes on A, Affordable Homes For San Franciscans Now! committee are informing voters that this bond measure “will not increase taxes.” I have seen this message in TV advertising and mailings. 

Page 44 of the SF voter pamphlet as well as the controllers statement anticipate the bond will result in a tax increase. The controller and ballotpedia indicate an increase of $2.07 per $100,000 of assessed property value.   

I feel that this is not ethical, definitely misleading and likely illegal. I read a quasi-justification for this blatant misrepresentation, which indicated that bond retirement would cancel any tax increase. This is never stated in the official messages. The message is just “it will not increase taxes.” I feel this is unethical campaign advertising and should be stopped as a voter deception.  

I contacted the Ethics Commission regarding this misrepresentation of Proposition A. The email response was that this was not under their practice scope!  On their website, their responsibilities are stated as: “duty to promote government accountability” and “promote highest standards of ethical behavior in government.” Misbehavior includes untruthfulness, I think. 

T. Andrea Montoya

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