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theFrontSteps’ Richmond Real Estate Market Recap

FrontStepsLogo-BlackI sell a ton of real estate around San Francisco and Marin, but it’s the west side….the Avenues (Outer Richmond, specifically)… that is my home, my backyard, my playground. It’s a great place to live and be alive, and I’ve come to the Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon to keep you dialed on all things real estate.

So how is the Richmond District real estate market? Like the rest of the city, it’s performing well. Very well. It’s still one of the few areas in San Francisco where single family homes can be found for under $1.5MM (as crazy as that is), it’s a great place for families, empty-nesters, young couples, and even all you singles out there. The outdoor life at our disposal has to be the best in the city, and thanks to global warming the weather is even getting warmer and less foggy (some might argue that is better others not so much). Naturally people are gravitating towards our area, and like it or not, word is out that the Richmond District is a pretty darn sweet place to be.

There are many different ways to slice and dice our market, many different ways to display the data we love to crunch, but we know from experience readers always enjoy keeping tabs on which homes have just hit the market, which properties have had price reductions, which have gone into contract, and ultimately which have sold…so you can follow this link to a 30 day snapshot of the Richmond District real estate market activity for Single Family Homes, Condos/TICs, & 2-4 Unit properties.

We’re not ones to place heavy emphasis on the average or median for a large data set like this when speaking to a large audience, as our market truly comes down to each property and each property’s location (What do you care about a 4 unit building if you want to sell your two bedroom home?), but those averages, are all there for you to see. By way of breaking it down very simply, the average sales price per square foot for Single Family homes and condos hovers around $1000, and multi-unit properties hovers around $600.

We’d be happy to break down specifics for your property, in your area, just drop us a note. Look for our market updates here more often, and please let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to know that you think all of the other readers would as well.

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