Letter to the Editor: Free Health Talk


I wanted to let the readers know of a free upcoming medical talk that may be of interest to many folks that are affected.
Health Talk: You are Not your Diagnosis: Reversing Autoimmunity


We are NOT simply just our genes.  And, we are NOT simply just our medical diagnoses.  Each one of us can can overcome and reverse our medical illnesses.

Learn how to overcome your diagnosis and medical illness.  Autoimmunity is 100% reversible.

Venue Details:
Wednesday, Oct. 16, 6:30-8 p.m.
2201 Webster Street, San Francisco, California 94115
Hosted by Advanced Health

Free tickets available at: 

Payal Bhandari, M.D.

Dr. Payal Bhandari is a leading practitioner of integrative functional medicine and the founder of SF Advanced Health. She combines the best in Western and Eastern medicine to define the root causes of illness. By being an expert of cell function, Dr. Bhandari specializes in cancer prevention and reversal, digestive and autoimmune disorders.

Dr. Bhandari’s patients have often seen many of the best subspecialists before they reach their wits’ end. By delivering personalized medicine Dr. Bhandari easily reverses disease within weeks to months for her patients.
More info at:
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