Candidate Forum – Ryan Lam

By Ryan Lam, Candidate. SF Board of Supervisors, District 5

I immigrated to the bay area in 2003; in 2017, I suffered with homelessness along with approximately 8,000 citizens of San Francisco. I would not have been able to persevere through these tough times without the help of caring individuals within the community and my loving family. 

I am proudly educated in San Francisco and it would be an honor to serve this district for all the opportunity it has provided for me.

Supe Ryan Lam photo SB 10-19

Ryan Lam

My professional history includes being a political journalist, tutoring the younger generation to prepare them for higher education and starting my own business here in San Francisco.

I ran for supervisor because I saw the need to fight for my top three priorities for our district: 

• Ensuring the cleanliness and safety that must be provided through the creation of jobs;

• Fixing our affordability crisis (I am the only candidate that promises a decrease in homelessness);

• Helping local businesses  build a strong economy where the American Dream is true. 

In many ways, we have the most unprecedented campaign in our nation. A vote for me would mean a vote for the youngest, Muslim, Republican, immigrant candidate in history. If you want change at City Hall, I will work in your favor because I am the least corrupt and newest face in politics. 

Together, we will strive to build a grassroots and transparent campaign, where I can manifest true responsibility and integrity in my policies as supervisor. 

In the end, our sole mission is to improve the living experience of residents by setting good priorities and attainable goals for this district and its neighborhoods.

God bless San Francisco.

For more information, visit http://www.ryanlamsf.com.


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