hardly strictly bluegrass

New Rules and Restrictions at This Year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

From the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass website:

  • We have added fence lines. Enter only at these four locations. Click here for a map.
    1. JFK Drive and Transverse Drive
    2. Fulton Street and 30th Avenue
    3. JFK Drive and 36th Avenue
    4. South Polo Field
  • Do not bring coolers, they are no longer allowed. We have updated our concessions in anticipation of increased public need. Click here for a list of vendors and new offerings.
  • Any bags/backpacks must be clear plastic, measuring less than 16”x16”x8”.
  • Entrances will not open until 9am.
  • There will be increased SFPD and Tactical Unit presence inside and outside the venue.
  • Blankets and short backed chairs (seats no more than 9” from the ground) are allowed, but will be subject to search.
  • Any restricted or oversized items will be turned away at all entry points.


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