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Press Release: Richmond District’s North East Medical Services (NEMS) Honored

Press Release:

Health Resources and Services Administration Honors North East Medical Services With Two New Quality Improvement Awards

San Francisco, CA—North East Medical Services (NEMS) held a press conference today at their community health center in San Francisco’s Richmond District to accept two new Quality Improvement Awards (QIAs) from Region 9 Administrator of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Captain John Moroney. Honored speakers and guests included San Francisco District 1 Supervisor, Sandra Lee Fewer, and representatives for United States House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, State Senator Scott Wiener, State Assemblymembers Phil Ting and David Chiu, and Mayor London Breed.

Eddie Chan, President & CEO of NEMS, remarked, “This is an exciting time for NEMS. We have worked very hard to ensure that we provide the highest quality of comprehensive outpatient care for all our patients, and I am glad that HRSA has recognized our strides in quality improvement.”

On August 20, HRSA announced the winners of the Fiscal Year 2019 Quality Improvement Awards (QIA), awarding two new QIAs to NEMS. HRSA presents the QIAs only to the highest performing community health centers nationwide as well as to health centers that have made significant quality improvement gains from the previous year. For the first time, NEMS has been awarded a National Quality Leader Award in the category of Diabetes Health. This award is only given to the top 1-2% of the 1,273 community health centers nationwide (approximately 12-25 centers in the US). This year, NEMS also achieved the Health Center Quality Leader Gold Award, which is given only to the top 10% of health centers. HRSA has also continued to recognize NEMS for Advancing Health Information Technology for Quality and as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) for 9 out of its 11 primary care clinics.

According to Captain Moroney, “HRSA’s Quality Improvement Awards recognize the work that health centers do to address health priorities by designating health centers that ranked in the top 1-2% in one or more key areas—behavioral health, diabetes prevention and management, and heart health—as National Quality Leaders. North East Medical Services (NEMS) is being recognized today not only as a National Quality Leader in diabetes prevention and management, but also as a health center at the highest tier nationwide (top 10%) that achieved the best overall clinical performance receiving a designation as Health Center Quality Leader. This recognition includes additional funding totaling over $270,000 to support continued progress in improving the quality, efficiency, and value of health care at NEMS.”

Over the years, NEMS has had the honor to receive the continued support of local, state and federal officials, including Assemblymember David Chiu, who stated, “I have worked with NEMS for many years, and I applaud their achievement in placing among the top 10 percent of health centers in the nation. This is great news for the patients they serve and our broader community. According to the CDC, 25 percent of Americans who have diabetes go undiagnosed, but the statistic is twice as high for Asian Americans. That’s why it’s so crucial that healthcare providers like NEMS help our most vulnerable populations get the high-quality care they need to address chronic health conditions like diabetes.”

San Francisco District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, who represents the clinic where the press conference took place, commended NEMS for having “a demonstrated history and commitment to serving our communities and our most vulnerable populations. NEMS is culturally and linguistically accessible in every way and serves as an example and inspiration for how health services should be delivered. It is a trusted institution in the community and is incredibly well-deserving of these distinct awards.”

Assemblymember Phil Ting has also been a friend and supporter for many years, commemorating this event with the following statement: “NEMS has played a critical role in caring for high-need patients in my district. These honors amplify the excellent work provided by community health centers and their dedication to delivering healthcare to patients, regardless of their ability to pay.”

Senator Scott Wiener, who represents California Senate District 11, including all of San Francisco, stated: “It is vital that communities have access to linguistically-competent and culturally-sensitive medical services, and NEMS is a leader in both. Congratulations to NEMS on receiving these awards and thank you for your commitment to providing comprehensive health services to low-income individuals.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who has been one of the strongest advocates for comprehensive health, mental health, and substance abuse services in the City and County of San Francisco, asserts “Too often, people with chronic health conditions like diabetes end up in the emergency room, so it is crucial that our City continues to focus on a comprehensive, preventative approach to healthcare. I am committed to working with our Department of Public Health, NEMS and other community health clinics in our City to ensure that our diverse residents are getting the health and preventative care they need.”

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