Press Release: L-Taraval Improvement Project Begins Construction

NEW: L Taraval Improvement Project

The L Taraval Improvement Project will start construction in summer of 2019 to realize permanent and comprehensive safety components, along with repair and rehabilitation of aging sewer and water lines, worn rails, overhead wires and roadways. For more information, visit sfmta.com/projects/LTaravalProject.

Starting Thursday, August 15, traffic pattern on lower Great Highway between Ulloa and Santiago streets will be changed. Northbound travel lane on lower Great Highway will be rerouted to 48th Avenue for two blocks between Ulloa and Santiago streets. Southbound travel lane will continue on lower Great Highway as usual. This will be in effect until project completion in 2022.

The project will be in two phases/segments:

  • Phase One of the project will focus on the streets from SF Zoo to Sunset Blvd. (Segment A)
  • Phase Two of the project will continue from Sunset Boulevard to West Portal .(Segment B)
  • Planned for Spring 2020, train services will be temporarily substituted with bus shuttles during construction.
  • The duration of the project is approximately three years.

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