Muni Maintenance Starts Aug. 12 – Subway Closures


The SFMTA maintenance crews work hard every night after Muni Metro subway service hours to maintain the tracks and equipment underground. On most nights, this gives them only about two hours to get work done.

In order to complete critical maintenance tasks that cannot be completed during normal windows, we are planning two weeks of early subway closures, so crews have more hours each night to do this vital work.


Starting August 12 and continuing for approximately two weeks, the subway between Embarcadero and West Portal will close early at 9:30 p.m. When the subway closes early, buses will run above ground to connect all stops, beginning at 9:30 p.m. through the normal end of train service at 1 a.m. Owl service will remain unchanged. Trains will start regular morning service each day.


Shuttle buses will serve all Muni Metro stops between Embarcadero/Brannan and St. Francis Circle.

Train service between Balboa Park and St. Francis Circle

Buses will run between Embarcadero/Brannan and Zoo. No L trains running.

Train service between Ocean Beach and Church/Duboce

(Inbound N trains become outbound N trains at Church/Duboce)

Train service between Balboa Park and Church/Duboce

(Inbound J trains become outbound J trains at Church/Duboce)

Train service between Sunnydale and Embarcadero/Brannan


• Inbound N Judah and outbound J Church trains will use the accessible stop entering the Duboce Portal to serve passengers needing the ramp.

• For service on Market Street, Muni customers can board bus shuttles at a bus top marked with thehalf-moon sign.

• Muni customers are encouraged to leave extra travel time during subway closures.

• Regular bus fares will apply on bus shuttles and valid transfers will be accepted.

The extended window will give us an opportunity to do complex work aimed at making subway operations more reliable and prevent future breakdowns.

An additional early shutdown window is planned for December.


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