Accessory Dwelling Unit Program Offers Incentives


Accessory Dwelling Unit Incentives Program in San Francisco Program

The ADU Incentives program provides a suite of services – including financing – for homeowners to create an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in their single family home. ADUs, also known as in-law units and granny flats, provide additional units of rental housing while providing financial benefits to homeowners.

Suite of services

● Low and no interest loans and small grants

● Permit fee waivers

● Forgivable loans up to 100% cost of construction to owners who keep the unit affordable

● Project management

● Technical assistance for permits, design, and construction

● Ongoing property management support and landlord training


All single family homeowners who wish to build a new ADU are eligible to apply for project management, technical assistance, and ongoing tenant management support.


Homeowners may be eligible for financial incentives to construct an ADU, including permit fee waivers, low- and no- interest loans and forgivable loans not requiring repayment. Low and moderate-income homeowners may be eligible for greater financial incentives based on income.

Homeowners who choose to restrict their unit by affordability may be eligible to receive financing to cover up to 100% of the cost of construction, depending on the affordability levels and length of time to maintain affordability.

Interested in becoming an applicant?

1) Please complete 1-minute interest survey: http://www.bit.ly/32morwT

2) For more information about the Affordable ADU program, please contact Daisy Quan,

Legislative Aide, at daisy.quan@sfgov.org

For general information about ADUs, visit www.sfplanning.org/accessory-dwelling-units


ADU Mar for web 8-19

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