Sunday Sketchers

Sunday Sketchers: Grandview Park, July 27, 2019

From Doug Gorney:
Grandview Park with the Sunset Sketchers, July 27
Organizer Name: Douglas Gorney
Event Title: Grandview Park with the Sunset Sketchers
Location: Moraga & 14th Ave., San Francisco
Muni: 66 Quintara, 6 Parnassus, 28 19th Ave. N Judah
Street parking is *relatively* easy.
Date: Saturday, July 27
Starting Time-Ending Time: 10AM-12PM
Meeting Place: The top of Grandview Park
Contact: Douglas Gorney,, or on Facebook

Event Description:

Grandview Park does indeed have the grandest views in San Francisco. A lot of them, at least. Known to locals as Turtle Hill, this peak at the intersection of 14th Ave. and Moraga (sort of, it’s a maze up there) offers a sweeping vista from Ocean Beach to the Financial District, as well as dizzying perspectives on the steps cascading down the hill. The park is also a highly sketchable dune plant community atop 140-million-year-old rock (Franciscan chert). Bring something to sketch on and with, and we’ll see you there!

Note: There are quite a few steps to get to the top of the hill, so if climbing stairs is an issue this may not be the right meetup for you. Don’t forget to bring water and sun protection (in the event the sun makes an appearance!).




Courtesy photos.



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