Press Release

Press Release: Sunset Youth Services Album Release

UpStar Records Celebrates 10th Anniversary Album Release

On Saturday, June 22, 2019, Upstar Records, a youth-run record label and project of Sunset Youth Services, released its ninth compilation album, “Sco Stories: This Ain’t the End” 10 years after producing its first record (“Hard to Ignore”) in 2009.

The new album represents hundreds of hours of youth collaboration and studio work over the course of a year. The release party took place at The Make Out Room, a club and music venue in the Mission District, that was attended by over 125 city youth and audience members, including featured artists who performed on stage.

“Twenty-five youth musicians performed over the course of the four-hour live show. Lots of youth from different program areas participated, providing childcare, food and security for the event. It was a peaceful event, packed venue and youth were professional. It was amazing to see how youth have been able to take to the stage and perform for themselves, family members and the community,” ​according to Pedro Reyes, a creative arts specialist who mentors the youth and DJ’d for the event,

Rymo Cortado, a Creative Lead who works closely with the youth artists, added, “It’s important [for youth] to document their life struggles because of the ever-changing nature of the city as the cost of living rises. What better way to express themselves? They represent the overlooked and the under-privileged. I felt honored to be part of their process.”

Educated by industry professionals, Upstar Records youth interns receive hands-on experience recording, mixing, mastering, releasing, distributing, and promoting their music and then train peers while collaborating on writing, recording and producing original songs for an annual culminating album.

They also work together with other young artists in the Sunset Youth Services youth community to produce a monthly showcase, featuring ongoing musical collaborations and original work. They manage the event, which takes place at the Sunset Youth Services youth center: performing live, streaming to Twitch TV, shooting video for Upstar TV, and conducting artist interviews.

LISTEN to ‘Sco Stories: This Ain’t the End:



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