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Letter to the Editor: SFMTA Open House on L-Taraval Construction on July 17


Starting this month, construction is going to begin on Taraval Street as SFMTA/Muni begins a two- to three-year construction project ripping up Taraval Street to install new sewer lines, and then repaving Taraval Street, reinstalling the overhead lines and tracks, building the boarding islands, etc.

SFMTA is holding an Open House on Wednesday to provide information to the community and to answer your questions.
  • Date:  Wednesday, July 17
  • Time:  5:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Location:  3201 Ulloa St. at 33rd Avenue (Grace Lutheran Church).  
SFMTA previously mailed out letters to the Taraval community with information on the project.  They’ll have updated information at the meeting.
Below is a summary of the info we have:
  • Phase 1 of the project will focus on streets from SF Zoo to Sunset Boulevard.
  • Phase 2 will continue from Sunset Boulevard to West Portal.  At times, the two phases will overlap.
  • Starting in Spring 2020, bus shuttles will run on parts of Taraval during the construction, which may last two to three years.
If you can’t attend the Open House and want more information, contact Public Information Officer Jerri Diep at jerri.diep@sfmta.com or call her at (415) 646-2382.
Although the decisions on the L-Taraval stops have been made, “SaveOurLTaravalStops!” will continue sending out emails with new information on the construction as we learn about more it.
If anyone wants to receive our emails, contact us at: saveourLtaravalstops@gmail.com.
Paula Katz
Save Our L Taraval Stops!

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  1. I find find it comical that the neighborhood even gets a vote on where the SFMTA stages its equipment for improving our city infrastructure. This should not be something put up to vote.
    SF residents wonder why city project has such large budgets and take so long. It’s in part because making something as simple as a rail improvement gets put up to community vote which causes delays, delays.


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