Mae Macau Art Exhibition: A Macanese Inspired Group Art Show

Press Release:

mae macau poster -frontMae Macau Art Exhibition: A Macanese Inspired Group Art Show

San Francisco Exhibit Location:
CIQ Gallery
3423 Balboa Street
San Francisco, California, USA

San Francisco Art Opening Event:
Sunday, August 11, 2019, noon-5 p.m.
This is a free, all ages event.

San Francisco Exhibit Duration:
August 10 – October 1, 2019

CIQ Gallery of San Francisco, in conjunction with the Lusitano Club of California, International Institute of Macau, the Albergue SCM of Macau and Creative IQ of San Francisco are proud to present the Macanese inspired art exhibits, MAE MACAU.

The Mae Macau exhibit opens in San Francisco at CIQ Gallery on Sunday, August 11. This exhibit featuring San Francisco Bay Area artists will be on display in San Francisco August 10 through October 1 before traveling to China for exhibition in Macau November 25-29.

Mae (pronounced my) means mother in Macanese. Organized by Macanese-American artists, Suzie Ferras and Melanie Getman, Mae Macau pays tribute to the Portuguese-Macanese mother region of Macau, raising awareness of it’s fading culture. Artists have been asked to create artwork based on the theme of Macau, it’s unique cuisine, culture, heritage, history and people. Featuring artists of both Macanese decent and non-Macanese artists alike, the Mae Macau exhibits are inspired by Macanese culture, highlighting the unique fusion of Portuguese and Chinese that created the Macanese people, culture, cuisine, heritage and history. These exhibits showcase Macanese culture and heritage through the arts, bringing exposure to the vibrant culture of Portuguese Macau before it is gone. In addition, we hope to shift the perception of Macau as only being a gambling capital by bringing to light the long, rich history of the region.

In November of this year, Macau will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Portugal handing the province of Macau back to China in 1999. The Mae Macau exhibit in Macau will be a featured event as part of this extensive week-long, city-wide celebration.

Please join us for the opening events in San Francisco in August and Macau in November.

You can find more information about the Mae Macau project and the exhibits in San Francisco and in Macau online at


Felicia Ann
Amanda Beardsley
Eric Broers
Christopher Burch
Kaylin Car
Maria Carmela
Amanda Chu
Raul D’Mauries
Suzie Ferras
Sam Flores
España Garcia
Melanie Getman
Chris Granillo
Kristi Holohan
Candice Jae
Alice Koswara
Kenneth Malone
Joshua Martin
Rojelio Martinez
Mario Navasero
Tim Optimist
Cecelia Perez
Tracy Piper
Lisa Pisa
Nate VanDyke
Freda Weng Chu

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