Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – In Support of Suzy Loftus

I am writing in response to the recent commentary by Quentin Kopp about the state of the District Attorney’s race and to correct the record on multiple counts.

Mischaracterizing Suzy Loftus’s 15-year career in public service as an assistant district attorney for San Francisco, special assistant attorney general, president of the San Francisco Police Commission and deputy legal counsel of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is dismissive and disappointing.

After speaking with survivors of sexual assault, current and former prosecutors, community advocates and policy experts, Suzy Loftus put forward her proposal to change the way survivors are treated and how cases of sexual assault and rape are handled. She made it perfectly clear that she would aggressively prosecute rape cases and, within 100 days of taking office, convene a team to re-examine every eligible rape case that was discharged for lack of evidence. She will assign special investigators to identify whether there is additional evidence to build effective cases for prosecution in light of new discoveries.

The truth remains that there is more to justice than prosecution. Survivors deserve to have their needs prioritized. That includes expanding access to trauma-informed social services, mental health care, support groups and victim advocacy.

Suzy is a proven and trusted advocate for women and survivors of violence:

  • As president of the SF Police Commission, Suzy championed Police Commission Resolution 16-28, which requires quarterly reporting about the processing of sexual assault kits and notification to the survivors of the assaults about the results;

  • Suzy worked with the Police Commission to establish requirements for survivors to be notified of the status and progress of their case and set reporting requirements so the department would not end up with a backlog of cases;

  • Suzy’s landmark  reforms  became the gold standard that was later adopted by the California legislature and made into state law.

Further, in regard to the San Francisco Police Officers Association’s endorsement, that organization has not made any endorsements in the race for District Attorney.

The commentary published is a misinformed and distorted take on the track record and experience of a hardworking individual and proven leader running for office. I hope that readers will look beyond misleading opinions and examine actual facts before voting in this important election.

Dr. Amy Bacharach is a criminal and juvenile justice expert, a leader in the women’s community, former trustee of the Community College Board, long-time delegate to the California Democratic Party and mom to two tiny humans in the Richmond District. 

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