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New Restroom Added at Ocean Beach

District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer and Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru were at the parking lot at Ocean Beach, across from Golden Gate Park, to showcase “quality-of-life initiatives” in the Richmond District, with the recent addition of the City’s newest Pit Stop public toilet and the successful completion of #FewerPotholes 2.0.

On Friday, June 28, a small group gathered to celebrate the ceremonial “first flush” of a new portable rest room that will be monitored and cleaned by a staff member.


The new public rest room is located in the parking lot across from Golden Gate Park, just south of the Beach Chalet. Photos by Michael Durand.


District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer (left), Lena Miller of Urban Alchemy/Hunters Point Family (center) and San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru (right) formally welcomed the new comfort facility to Ocean Beach,


A staff member will be on hand to monitor the use of the restroom and to keep the facility clean.

From the press release:

Background: With the addition of a Pit Stop at Ocean Beach on June 10, the pioneering public toilet program now operates in 13 neighborhoods. The Pit Stop program, managed by Public Works, began five years ago in the Tenderloin with three locations and today operates in the Bayview, Castro, Civic Center, The Embarcadero, Haight, Lower Polk, Mid-Market, Mission, North Beach, Ocean Beach, Outer Sunset and SoMa.

What makes a Pit Stop a Pit Stop is that it’s staffed to ensure that the bathroom is kept clean and safe and used for its intended purpose. The non-profit organization, Hunters Point Family, provides attendants at all but one of the locations; the Lower Polk Community Benefit District provides staffing for the Pit Stop in that neighborhood. The attendants are part of a workforce development initiative.


#FewerPotholes 2.0:  In partnership with Supervisor Fewer, Public Works’ street repair crews filled 243 potholes in the Richmond District over the last three months on the heels of the winter’s heavy rains.

Residents from across the City are encouraged to report potholes to the City’s 311 customer service center. Public Works aims to fill the reported potholes within 72 hours.

For information on the Pit Stop program, visit https://sfpublicworks.wixsite.com/pitstop

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  1. I forgot & left my car keys in the stall. I’m going back out to the Pit Stop at Ocean Beach to retrieve it. I hope the attendant held onto it. If not, where do I go to pick it up?
    Thank you in advance for your help.



      • Thanks for your reply.
        I couldn’t get thru by car to get to the public toilets at Ocean Beach bcuz the Great Hwy stretch was all blocked off. Anyways, I will try again tmrw late afternoon and I hope someone turned in my car keys and hopefully the attendant is hanging on to it in hopes that someone will come and get it. Thanks.

        ps: If found, pls call 415-666-6813. 🙏


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