Police Beat

Police Beat – Sunset District

Summer Holiday Safety Tips

By Capt. Nicholas Rainsford

Summer is upon us. Kids are out of school, back home from college and many adults, parents or not, are planning on taking time off work and are dreaming of far off or local destinations and sunny summer vacations.  

With vacations in mind, it is important to protect your residences, apartments or living spaces while you are away.  

Try to not make it obvious that no one is home. Don’t let newspapers, mail or package deliveries pile up. Contact the post office and have your mail put on hold until you return home and don’t leave garbage cans out while everyone else has taken their cans in. Put a lamp on a timer so it turns on intermittently to make it look like someone is home. These are just some of the telltale signs that opportunistic thieves and burglars are looking for.  

Look out for each other and let your neighbors know when you are away so they can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Contact your building security, homeowner’s association, neighborhood watch group and friends and family you trust and let them know about your plans.  

Also, be aware that social media posts let everyone see that you are not at home. That can come back to bite you. So, just a word to the wise; be aware of what you post and if it is public or private. I know it’s fun to share your vacation experiences but be aware it may present a risk if circulated far and wide and with too much detail.

The Fourth of July is also around the corner and I want to remind everyone that all fireworks, including “safe and sane,” are illegal in the City and County of San Francisco. There have been past incidents of illegal and dangerous fireworks displays in our neighborhoods. Please don’t be part of that and, if you see something dangerous, call 911.  

Also, a new tip line has been set up using email. If you observe any activity that you think could be related to illegal fireworks sales, you can report your concerns to SFPD.fireworks@sfgov.org and we will check it out. Officers throughout the City will be out in the neighborhoods on the Fourth of July taking enforcement action.  

Traffic enforcement is an ongoing police priority and Vision Zero is always something our department will focus on. Officers will continue to engage in traffic enforcement operations at different locations in the Taraval District. We call it “focus on the five.”  

Enforcement operations are conducted at the five intersections with the most accidents as identified through data from our records. Drive safe, look out for each other, have a safe Independence Day and an enjoyable summer.

Follow me on Twitter at    @SFPDTaraval for some really interesting tweets and go to Taraval.org for much more information on crimes, traffic safety, home safety and much more.

Capt. Nicholas Rainsford is the commanding officer at the Taraval Police Station.

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