Muni Track Work at Judah and 17th Avenue to Last Four Weeks

Press Release:

Muni Track Work at Judah and 17th Avenue

Starting Monday, June 24 and will continue for about four weeks, N-Judah track maintenance work will take place at Judah Street and 17th Avenue. During construction, the N Judah rail service will operate without interruption. While Judah Street remains open, vehicular traffic along 17th Avenue will have to make right turns only.

Work hours are 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

During construction:

  • While measures are being taken to minimize inconvenience, neighbors can expect some noise during demolition.
  • To accommodate the construction, four parking spaces, two on each side of 17th Avenue north of the intersection, will be used as staging areas. They will be unavailable for parking 24 hours a day for the duration. Additionally three or four parking spaces on the remaining sides of the street will be unavailable during the construction work hours.
  • Crosswalks and sidewalks may be occasionally closed.
  • Due to lane closures, slow traffic is expected. All travelers, especially drivers, are encouraged to leave extra time and move carefully through the area.

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