Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – New Children’s Book


I am a mom and artist living in the Outer Sunset. I am about to publish my first children book, taking place in San Francisco.
dallagata children's book (1)
A few years back, I decided to make a huge change in my life. After a decade in the travel industry, I found the role to be unfulfilling and decided to embrace my lifetime passion, fine art, and illustration. I quit my job and enrolled at the Academy of Art University. I had my son while pursuing my degree and inspired by Alessandro, I decided to switch my concentration to children illustration.
This month I have graduated with an MFA degree. I have also published my first children book: “It’s bedtime. A true story.” You can find it here. It’s a book that grew from my experience of being a mom and struggling to shuffle between school, my work as a freelance illustrator and raising my son. Since a lot of the work I do is after Alessandro goes to sleep, having a dependable bedtime routine was critical. Many of my mom-friends are in the same position. I wrote a book for us mothers, to help us teach children the importance of the bedtime routine and empathy for parents. However, it’s also a book for moms, who find themselves on the pages and often laugh at how funny and yet real and true the pages of the book are.
Many moms reached out to me to say that they find my story to be inspiring. They encouraged me to reach out to the local news as they thought my story and the book could be of interest to readers. I would love to share my story and the Kickstarter campaign with your readers. What do you think? Would it be something of interest to you and to your readers? The book will only be available until June 16, after which my Kickstarter campaign will conclude.
Thank you,
Laura Dallagata

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