Parkside Preschool to Close on June 28

By Jonathan Farrell

On May 3, parents and caretakers of children who attend the Parkside Preschool and Kindergarten on 19th Avenue at Taraval Street were informed by letter that the school will be closing after decades of serving the needs of preschoolers. The school will cease to operate on June 28.  

Sunset Preschool pic 1

Parkside Preschool and Kindergarten’s playground as seen from19th Avenue, just south of Taraval Street. Photo by Michael Durand.

Parkside Preschool Director Winnie Ly said efforts to help families find a replacement school were being made, according to a report by the SF Examiner newspaper. She said they are also working to place the 15 full-time teachers at other preschools.

The private preschool was provided a space with 13 residential units in what became a mixed-use facility after the old Parkside Theatre closed in 1988. 

Building owner May Lu said she wants to retire from managing and overseeing the business of the preschool and to “spend more time with family,” according to press reports. 

Sunset Preschool pic 2 (1)

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