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Inner Richmond Dog Walking Company Celebrates 20 Years


Original San Francisco dog walking company celebrates 20thanniversary

Dogwalks, one of the first dog walking companies in San Francisco, celebrates it’s 20th birthday this month. Twenty years is a terrific run for any business, but it’s particularly unusual in a budding industry with virtually no leaders to follow.

Dogwalks’ secret? “High standards, hard work, and accountability” says owner and dog lover Julia Frink. “For us it’s always been about being the best—at dog care, at customer service, at everything we do. Those orange vans you see us driving around all over town? That’s not just for marketing—that’s us being fully visible as we strive to set the bar, every day, for professional dog walking.”

A true dog walking pioneer, Julia was one of the first graduates of the Dogbiz Dog Walking Academy professional certification course, long before the city required dog walkers to complete professional training. Using positive reinforcement training is core to Dogwalks values. And she and her dedicated team have never stopped learning and striving to innovate and improve.

“We’re walking people’s family members out there—in some cases their second or even third generation of dogs!” Julia explains. “Safety is everything. We want the dogs to have a wonderful, safe time. And we want our clients to know they never have to worry because their dogs are in professional hands. This is a career for us, not a hobby or side job through an online app.”

Dogwalks clients like Michelle Falconer echo Julia’s sentiments: “Julia and the gang at have been taking care of our dogs for nearly 20 years.   Large or small, Julia and her staff love all dogs.  They take special care to know a dog’s personality and to watch over each dog to make sure they are well cared for, loved and protected.”

What’s next for Dogwalks? First, a big party for current and past clients, team members, and their dogs.

Then, business as usual—raising their standards ever higher. “This year we’re bringing in a professional dog trainer to add to our staff training program, working with a consultant to create an exciting new approach to our daycare, and rolling out new scheduling software for our clients,” Julia shares. “Should be a pretty good start to our next 20 years!”

About Dogwalks

Dogwalksprovides professional off-leash group dog walks in SF’s most beautiful parks and beaches, and innovative dog daycare in owner Julia Frink’s spacious SF home and large, securely-fenced yard.

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