Mayor Honors Three Westside Businesses During ‘Small Business Week’

Small business award mayor Stuart Locklear Photography

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (center) recognized three westside businesses during the city’s Small Business Week. Over 350,000 individuals in small businesses help make up 95 percent of all the businesses in San Francisco. Photo by Stuart Locklear Photography.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed celebrated San Francisco’s Small Business Week (May 6-11) where local businesses, entrepreneurs and workers are being recognized and celebrated for their contribution to the local economy of their neighborhoods. As part of this celebration, nine small businesses were honored – three are from the west side.

Small businesses account for 95 percent of all the businesses in the City. They employ more than 350,000 individuals.

The City is hosting a series of events and workshops that focus on small business and commercial district support and resources. The theme for the 15th annual San Francisco Small Business Week is Empowering Entrepreneurs. The City provides a multitude of business opportunities, resources, and works to create an entrepreneurial environment to support those embarking on a journey to start and grow their business.

“Small businesses are the true strength of San Francisco’s economy, and I am honored to celebrate their remarkable contributions toward building stronger communities,” Mayor Breed said. “Small Business Week is an opportunity for us to recognize and honor the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of our small businesses. Their commitment to San Francisco creates one of the most unique and diverse small business economies in the world. I am proud to recognize and honor Java Beach Café, Gold  Mirror, and Papenhausen Hardware for their impact in the community,” Mayor Breed said.

“Tireless persistence, innovation and a commitment to community define the San Francisco entrepreneur who exhibits the tenacity and drive to start a small business and grow it into an anchored neighborhood institution,” said Joaquín Torres, director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. “The businesses Mayor Breed has recognized today represent a diverse, engaged and resilient group of establishments that contribute to the economic vitality and cultural vibrancy of our city.”

Community Innovation – Java Beach Café

From transforming a neighborhood with their sit-down cafes, to selling their brand of coffee beans, wholesale, to now traveling all over San Francisco on the Lady Falcon, a four-wheel coffee truck, Java Beach Café is being recognized for being community and business innovators.  Their latest venture, the Lady Falcon Coffee Club, reflects the spirit of women in San Francisco and the Outer Sunset community.

Business Strengthening Award – Papenhausen Hardware
For being a cornerstone in the West Portal neighborhood despite a disaster, Papenhausen Hardware exemplifies resiliency and their commitment to the neighborhood. One year after a fire devastated the storefront, the business bounced back and launched a pop-up of the hardware store in an effort to generate revenue and keep their employees working.  They are rebuilding through a grant from the City.

Heritage/Legacy Business Award – Gold Mirror

The Heritage/Legacy Business award goes to a business that has been serving the San Francisco community for 20 years and has become an institution in their local community. The Gold Mirror has become a favorite for locals and foodies coming from all over the city. The Gold Mirror is not only a San Francisco institution, they celebrated their 50th anniversary on March 6, 2019. Everything the Sicilian restaurant offers is hand-crafted, including homemade pasta.

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