emergency preparedness

Inner Sunset Group Seeks Residents’ Input to Design Disaster Strategy

Resilient Inner Sunset Steering Committee shared this invitation to two community meetings:

Saturday May 11th  and  Tuesday May 14th
St. Anne School – 1320 14th Ave. at Irving Street

Dear Inner Sunset Resident:
It feels like the news is filled with communities like ours experiencing one disaster or another.  From wildfires to gas line explosions to poor air quality, there seems to be an ever-growing list of threats to the health and well-being of our neighbors and loved ones.  That’s why we are proud to announce the launch of Resilient Inner Sunset


Funded by the Walter and Elise Haas fund and with the support of SF Supervisors Brown and Yee, the Resilient Inner Sunset Initiative brings together residents and local organizations to create and implement a strategy that will help us build a safer and more prepared community in which to live, work and shop.

To insure the everyone has the chance contribute to the development of this plan,
there will be two separate stakeholder workshops:


Session 1: Saturday May, 11, 9:30-11 a.m.
Register at empowerempowersf.org/resilient-inner-sunset

Session 2: Tuesday May, 14, 6:30-8 p.m.
Register at empowerempowersf.org/resilient-inner-sunset

Attendees will learn about the background of the Resilient Inner Sunset initiative and how it aims to help protect the health and well-being of our community.

Learn more about Resilient Inner Sunset at:

For more information, contact Daniel Homsey at:  daniel.homsey@sfgov.org

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