george washington high school

Stories Covering Controversial Murals at George Washington High School

Links to stories covering the George Washington High School murals (list oldest to newest)

Richmond schools nominated for landmark status

Controversial Murals Halt School’s Landmark Status

Murals at Washington High School Stoke Debate: Board to Decide Their Fate

George Washington High School Alumni Oppose Censoring Controversial Murals

Letter to the Editor – Keep Washington Murals

Richmond District Democratic Club Supports Removal of Murals at GWHS

Mural Opponents Meet Defenders at Tour of George Washington H.S. Artwork

National Coalition Against Censorship Memo

SFUSD Board Votes to Cover George Washington High School Murals

Meeting on Washington High School Murals Turns Contentious

Coalition Formed to Save GWHS Murals at the Ballot Box

School Board President Proposes Solution to GWHS Mural Dispute

PRESS RELEASE: S.F. School Board Approves Amendment to Cover “Life of Washington” Mural

School Board Reverses Course on Washington Murals

School District Ignored Plans to Save GWHS Murals
Video: GWHS Murals Discussed at Public Forum Feb. 22, 2020

SFUSD Loses First Round in GWHS Mural Lawsuit. April 3, 2020

SFUSD’s Plan for GWHS Murals Ruled Illegal. August 2021

GWHS Mural #2
GWHS Mural #1

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