Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – Keep Washington Murals


My name is Joyce Geri. I am a graduate of George Washington High School (GWHS), class of 1978.

I am also a registered south eastern creek indian. My mother graduated from GWHS in 1957 and my daughter in 2007.

I and many of my friends feel the murals need to remain
When we hide the past, how soon will we repeat the past?
The murals need to remain so future generations know that our past is not perfect. That we have come along way in changing our actions. That we may never end up on such a bad page in our history. That future generations will continue to work together and not drift apart.
Being native, I feel everyone is trying to hide everything bad that their forefathers have done.
They should just own it, not hide it.
Joyce Geri

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