Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – David Nolley

Now, scant months since her departure, we Outer Sunset residents can appreciate how considerably valued Ms. Tang , and her predecessor, Ms. Chu, were while they were our representatives downtown those precious few years.  They steadfastly attended to the matters that concerned this electorate and without lofty goals (e.g., Mayor, State Rep/Senate, etc.); just service to ALL of us that compose The Edge of The Known World out here: preponderantly working families, reliable workers, and elders, all of us from all over the world who have sustained a felt need to contribute to this fine city during decades past right through now.

Those two, now considerably missed, representatives of ALL of us out here helped Mayor Lee invite in entities that now employ tens of thousands of highly skilled, educated (which implies reliable acceptance of direction), polite people who we, out here on The Edge, now see renovating sorely needed properties into the grandeur that was intended by the craftspersons who invested their skills into these residences so many decades ago.  Then, to then live in them with the result that the sea and local environs are populated by fit and strong young surfers who, because they won’t put up with bologna from the rabble that used to hang out, out here, have made The Edge now safe for children, people with disabilities, and elders like me (I’m 75 years-old) to be out after dark, infrequently now having to be concerned about spent needles, condoms, excrement on the sidewalks and such other stigmata of what used to endanger this neighborhood.

Such a comfort!  And, The Word from around the corner at the (un-named here) coffee shop is that the new clientele tip rather extravagantly.  How nice, but, ah well, what’s gone, is gone!

David Nolley (many years permanent out here on the Great Highway)


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