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Two Westside Businesses Added to the Legacy List

On Monday, April 8, six businesses – Benkyodo Company, Glide Foundation, Picture Machine Tattoo, Uptown, Wah Mei School and World Gym San Francisco were unanimously approved by the San Francisco Small Business Commission for the Legacy Business Registry. The Registry recognizes longstanding, community-serving businesses as valuable cultural assets to the city. There are currently 181 businesses on the Legacy Business Registry.

Two of the businesses are in the Richmond and Sunset districts:


Picture Machine Tattoo
5124 Geary Blvd.
Nominated by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer

Pat Martynuik ft. Lyle Tuttle

Lyle Tuttle (shirtless) with the founder of Picture Machine Tattoo, Pat Martynuick.

Picture Machine Tattoo was founded in 1976 by Pat Martynuik, a native of Vancouver, Canada, who immigrated to San Francisco after turning his hobby into two booming tattoo shops in Edmonton and Calgary.

Earning the nickname “Picture Machine” for the speed at which he worked and the long hours he put in, Pat is widely known in the industry. Pat died in 1989. His legacy, Picture Machine Tattoo, is known globally as the longest-running tattoo shop in San Francisco.

The business is currently owned by Jennifer Wong and Jason Storey who have maintained original paintings and signage displayed since the shop first opened. They helped build its reputation as a no-nonsense tattoo shop creating high quality tattoos. The store sports an interactive mural on the building’s exterior rendered from Pat’s original artwork that is photographed by passersby daily.


Jason Storey, shop owner and senior artist.

“As San Francisco’s longest running tattoo shop, we are excited to continue serving our great city and creating art in our community that lasts a lifetime,” said Jennifer Wong, co-owner of Picture Machine Tattoo. “Picture Machine Tattoo is proud, honored, and so grateful to be recognized as a Legacy Business.”

Picture Machine Interactive Mural ft Client

Lena, a Picture Machine Tattoo client.

Wah Mei School
1400 Judah St.
Nominated by Supervisor Gordon Mar

Established in 1974, Wah Mei School is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable Chinese-English bilingual education and early care programs for children and youth in San Francisco.

WahMei” means “Chinese American” and holds historic significance as the first bilingual preschool in the city. Wah Mei School was born out of a growing Chinese immigrant experience, and it maintains programming that promotes the integration of Chinese and American cultures. Presently, Wah Mei operates four programs for children and youth aged 2 years and 9 months to 14 years old: Preschool, Weekend Chinese School, After School Program and Summer Camp. They serve more than 260 families each year.

 “For 45 years, Wah Mei School has been at the forefront of bilingual education and is a vital place where we are supporting families in need of high quality care,” said Ben Wong, Executive Director of Wah Mei School. “Wah Mei has served thousands of families at all income levels and has helped the Chinese American community across multiple generations. We are honored to be recognized with this distinction as we continue to strengthen our legacy as part of the fabric of San Francisco.”

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