Hearing at City Hall – Property Crime

Colleagues and Neighbors of the Sunset District:

Over the course of the last 12 months, my colleagues and I had our job sites, trucks and storage containers broken into five times.

Five times in 12 months. Over $80 thousand in tools and equipment stolen with none recovered, despite hundreds of dollars per month spent on security and protection measures.

Although the SFPD has been helpful, it is clear further civil action is needed. District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar has provided a path forward with a hearing in front of the SF Board of Supervisors. The hope is that this will garner more resources for SFPD investigatory measures against this property crime in the Sunset and throughout the city.

I know many of you have also been affected by this so I invite you in attending a public hearing in front of all the supervisors at City Hall. We will all be given 2-5 minutes to state how this has affected us and potentially more time if our crowd is big/ loud enough.

The hearing will be at City Hall on Thursday April 25 at 9:50 a.m. in room 263.

\It would be great to see you there as the more numbers we get the more we will be heard. Kindly respond if you can attend so I can give them a head count.


Charlie Vaughan
Buteo Builders
415 519 0735

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  1. Hello Charlie, we cannot attend the hearing but I think you are approaching this the right way. Our police protection in this city has become a joke. Reports state that we are the highest property crime large city in the country!!! GGPark cars are broken into daily around the Arboretum and museums, yet there is not police presence there but 1 ranger on duty daily and nightly.

    Burglaries are often not even responded to by police. Something is terribly wrong with this city when residents are put on the back burner and crimes, druggies, mentally unstable people, and other politically current favorites are put ahead of our personal safety and welfare.

    I think we need to rethink our entire public safety process. It sure isn’t working!!!

    Good luck,

    Irene Kaus

    Cow Hollow


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