POPS Urges SFMTA to Consult with the Sunset Before Major Taraval Project

The People of Parksode/Sunset (POPS) community organization has taken an official position to demand that the San Francisco Transportation Agency (SFMTA) properly evaluate the need for a dedicated transit lane on Taraval Street.

According to POPs, the L-Taraval Project is about to begin later this year, but a promised evaluation by SFMTA has not been met and they seem to be walking back on this position. This was not what POPS said was agreed upon in meetings with SFMTA in 2018.  POPS wish is to hold SFMTA to their agreements less they do so to other projects throughout the City.

According to a statement from POPS, in a July 11, 2018, email to POPS President Albert Chow on the Taraval transit-only lanes evaluation, Rapid Team Leader Michael Rhodes stated that SFMTA will compile “qualitative feedback from residents and merchants” and would “reconvene the small working group to share the results and gather feedback before finalizing any staff recommendations.”

POPS urges SFMTA to evaluate the impact of the transit-only lanes on merchants and residents by, among other things:

  1. Conducting in person and on-line surveys of merchants and residents;
  2. Conducting open houses in the Taraval community;
  3. Announcing the evaluation in an L-Taraval update that solicits the Taraval community to take the on-line survey, attend an open house, and/or email their views to staff;
  4. Consult with POPS on other areas of outreach to the Taraval community to ensure that the impact of the transit-only lanes on merchants and residents is fully explored.
  5. Consider other options, including limiting the transit-only lanes to the eastern part of Taraval, and limiting the eastbound transit-only lane to morning rush hours and the westbound transit-only lane to evening rush hours.

POPS said that the letter was invoked by POPS members “because it seems SFMTA is walking back understandings and agreements made in various meetings in 2018 between POPS and SFMTA as well as the support of POPS’ position by then Supervisor Katy Tang about the lack of need for permanent transit lanes on Taraval.

SFMTA spokesperson, Paul Rose, released a statement about the POPS position: “We have been working with the community for years about various elements of this program and will continue to do so. A report on the transit only lanes and other early implementation elements for the L Taraval Project will be submitted to the SFMTA board in the coming months. This report will contain feedback from POPS and other members of the community.”

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