Commentary – Clean Power

Cleaner Energy is Coming to San Francisco

 By the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

 Starting this month, residential electricity customers in San Francisco will join CleanPowerSF, a community choice clean energy program operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).

Currently, the energy you receive from PG&E is about 38% renewable. When you are enrolled as a CleanPowerSF Green customer, your home will be powered with at least 48% renewable energy at rates that are competitive with PG&E’s. You’ll also have the option of opting up to 100% renewable energy for just a few dollars more per month, or opting out of the program and staying with PG&E’s service.

The SFPUC has been providing San Francisco with 100% greenhouse gas-free hydroelectric energy for the past 100 years from the Hetch Hetchy Power System. This clean power energizes SF street lights, Muni, schools, City Hall, SFO, the zoo and other civic institutions and facilities. CleanPowerSF is run by the same clean energy experts. The SFPUC also delivers your great-tasting Hetch Hetchy Tap Water and operates the San Francisco Combined Sewer System.

CleanPowerSF is building on that tradition of community-based service and intends to reinvest ratepayer funds into the development of new clean energy infrastructure, which will create jobs, localize our energy sources and keep electric rates stable.

For more details about CleanPowerSF, visit

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