Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – Outside Lands Concert Noise Concerns


On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods (CFSN) voted unanimously to support our Appeal of the Outside Lands CEQA Categorical Exemption  and proposed 10 year Use Permit Extension. Our goal is to get a reduction in the amount of noise leaking into the 12 square mile area around Golden Gate Park during the Outside Lands Festival.

CCSF’s Proposed Amplified Sound Policy for Outside Lands is:

Data will be promptly transmitted to the production staff at the Festival, who will use it to adjust sound pressure levels as required.  And, “AS REQUIRED” is NOT defined.

Appellant’s Proposed Amplified Sound Limits

Revision of the Outside Lands 10-Year Use Permit Extension to include:

  1. Quantitative Noise Limits in Decibels. The proposed limits are:

 Maximum levels at the mixing board shall not exceed a five-minute average sound level of 96 dBA or instantaneous maximum sound level of 102 dBA

 Concert noise levels in the community shall not exceed average community noise levels by more than 5 dBA


Andrew Solow





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  1. I live in inner sunset and I am subjected to the city’s STUPIDITY for supporting the outside land concert NOISE. I work Monday thru Friday and on Friday I want to come home to quiet. On this weekend, I’m subjected to NOISE NOISE NOISE from the concert. I want the city officials to live in my apartment during this weekend while I stay in their homes FAR AWAY from the noise.


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