Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – Congratulations Paul Kozakiewicz

Dear Editor:

As former co-editor and publisher of the Sunset Beacon, I want to congratulate Paul Kozakiewicz on three amazing decades of service to the communities of the Richmond and Sunset Districts.

From 1991 until 1998, Paul and I were business partners and had a great adventure, adding the Sunset as a new service area with the Beacon and even going so far as to launch a citywide publication called the CityVoice (alas we lost the great advertising wars to the much larger Bay Guardian and Independent). But what a time we had.

It’s rare these days for a small business to thrive for the many years that Paul and his wife Sue and our loyal writers, contributors and advertisers accomplished. Together we made it possible to serve the western side of the city — and serve it well and with integrity — with all its quirks, oddballs and wonderful local merchants who made time to chat and get to know the papers (and support them).

Thank you also, Paul, for acknowledging my contribution in your parting editorial in the February issue of the Beacon. It was a great experience and one I will never forget.

The Richmond and Sunset are forever changed as a result of your vision and hard work, and the SF Neighborhood Newspaper Association and The City itself all took notice.

I wish the best of luck and a long and successful career managing and carrying on these legacies, Mr. Durand, long may they continue to serve the community and thrive.

And many thanks to Paul for his considerable contributions to the Richmond and Sunset Districts and to creating a stronger sense of community in each. Bravo!

Chris Rivers
Former Co-Editor and Publisher
The Sunset Beacon

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