Police Blotter

Police Blotter – Richmond District

Possession of Stolen Property, Outstanding Warrants, Felony Vehicle Theft: Middle Drive West, Golden Gate Park, Jan. 30, 8:50 a.m.

While SF Recreation and Park Department workers were doing a garbage clean-up they came upon an individual sitting in the bushes with a number of tools. When asked if the tools belonged to her, the individual said that they did. The Rec and Park employee recognized the tools as ones that had recently been stolen from their facility, some of which were embossed with the Rec and Park logo. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Burglary, Malicious Destruction of Property: 500 Block of Euclid Avenue, Jan. 31, 2:32 p.m.

A homeowner observed an intruder inside her house through video surveillance. 

Responding officers heard music coming from the house. A female opened the door to them. The officers found that the house was in tremendous disarray with food and garbage all over the floors and every drawer and closet had been opened and ransacked. 

The homeowner arrived and said that some jewelry was missing from her jewelry box. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

 Second Degree Burglary, Conspiracy, Identity Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Probation Violation:  1000 Block of Point Lobos Avenue, Feb. 8 1:51 p.m.

An off-duty officer advised dispatch that he witnessed an auto burglary at the Cliff House Restaurant. A responding plainclothes officer located the suspect’s vehicle in the Beach Chalet parking lot and took the driver and passenger into custody. 

The passenger was in possession of property that the victim identified as having been taken from her vehicle and was found to be on probation for burglary. 

Investigators, working with the arresting officers, matched the passenger to a prior auto burglary. Less than two hours after the burglary, a store’s surveillance video showed him using the victim’s credit card. 

The suspects were arrested and booked at County Jail. 

Felony Hit and Run: Cabrillo Street and Park Presidio Boulevard, Feb. 10, 3:55 p.m.

Officers responded to a report of a traffic collision with injuries. Numerous witnesses observed a silver Mercedes C240 hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk while turning left from Cabrillo Street onto Park Presidio Boulevard. The victim rolled up and over the hood of the car and fell to the ground, screaming. 

A Mercedes hood ornament was located at the scene. A witness to the collision followed the suspect vehicle and pulled his car in front of it on Park Presidio between Fulton Street and Crossover Drive, while another car prevented the suspect’s vehicle from backing up. The driver of the Mercedes stated that, since other people were helping the pedestrian, she didn’t think she needed to stop. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail. A DMV priority retest request for the driver was submitted, based on her lack of driving skill and knowledge. 

Vehicle Burglary, Conspiracy, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Burglary Tools:  Geary Boulevard and 18th Avenue, Feb. 9, 7 p.m.

A plainclothes officer observed a vehicle double parked next to a dumpster, with the passenger throwing objects out of the window into the dumpster. Based on the officer’s experience, he knew that auto burglars will often discard unwanted property shortly after acquiring it, so he started to follow the vehicle. As he got close enough to read the license plate, dispatch broadcast a call for service for an auto burglary, where the witness gave the same license plate as the car he was following. 

The plainclothes team followed the suspect’s vehicle and observed the occupants casing vehicles on Clement Street and Geary Boulevard. When the vehicle stopped and two of the occupants got out, the team moved in and arrested the driver. The passengers were able to evade the foot and vehicle pursuit. 

The witnesses positively identified the vehicle, and the victim identified property that had been taken from her vehicle. 

The driver was found to be out on bail for an arrest on Aug. 19, 2018 for assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism. 

The driver was arrested and booked at County Jail. 

Vandalism to Property, Possession of Stolen Property, Driving with Suspended License: 400 Block of Cherry Street, Feb. 12, 8 a.m. 

Officers responding to a call of a suspicious person in a parking garage met with a security guard who informed them that a black Toyota 4Runner with pink wheels and no license plates had just driven through the exit barrier, destroying it. 

Officers located and stopped the suspect’s vehicle on Lake Street. The suspect informed them that he had just purchased the Toyota from a “friend.” There were two BB guns in the Toyota. A computer records check revealed the Toyota was stolen out of Concord, the suspect’s license was suspended and he was on probation for vehicle theft. 

A detective with the Concord Police Department stated that he had an open robbery case regarding the suspect and would be responding to Richmond Station to take custody of the suspect for multiple open incidents. 

Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol, Failing to Drive Within a Single Lane, Giving False Information to a Police Officer: Geary Boulevard and Third Avenue, Feb. 15, 2:09 a.m.

Officers on patrol observed a vehicle traveling eastbound on Geary Boulevard swaying between traffic lanes. The vehicle was alternately slowing to 10-15 mph and accelerating to 35-40 mph, in a 25 mph speed limit zone. 

When officers conducted a traffic stop, the driver told them that he had only drunk two beers all night. Officers performed field sobriety tests and the subject recorded more than a .08 percent blood alcohol concentration on the preliminary alcohol screening device (breathalyzer). He was arrested and transported to Richmond Station for a breath test on calibrated equipment. 

The driver was cited.

Aggravated Assault: Great Highway and Fulton Street, Feb 23, 7:15 a.m.

Officers responded to a call of a transient male attacking a jogger with a golf club.

The victim told responding officers that a transient male was walking out from the wooded area, behind the bus shelter, on Fulton Street. The victim saw that the suspect was agitated, yelling and running towards him, holding a golf club. The suspect lunged forward and struck the victim with the golf club on his left shoulder. The victim feared for his safety and sprinted home.

The officers, accompanied by the victim, searched the area for the suspect. The suspect was not located.

The victim refused medical treatment.

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