Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor – Fire Hazard on Mt. Sutro


As a resident of the Inner Sunset, I am concerned about the potential fire hazard posed by the aging eucalyptus forest in the Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve that is owned and managed by the UCSF Medical Center.

A 20-year plan has been adopted recently to cull this forest of dead trees. However, 27% of the trees are now dead as a result of recent period of draught representing over 60 dead trees per acre.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s highest classification of California forests is “more than 35 dead trees per acre.” (Source: John Blanchard/Chronicle)

More information is available by searching “Mt. Sutro Open Space Reserve” on a web browser.

I wrote a letter to UCSF Medical Center Chancellor Sam Hawgood with my concerns dated Nov. 28, 2018. I have received no response to date from my letter.

A fire in the forest reserve would be devastating to the adjacent residential areas and UCSF dormitories.

I think this issue should be the subject of some investigative reporting by your paper.

Bill Drake

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