Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Rocks in Your Head Records

I’m a long-time fan of the Sunset Beacon and always look forward to reading the latest paper.  I’m on Moraga and 46th! I’m reaching out because I thought the Beacon would be perfect to write an article I have been pitching around.  

Sonny Smith. Courtesy photo by Sarah Moore.

Sonny Smith, of the locally and internationally loved band, Sonny and The Sunsets, loves and lives in the Sunset.  He loves it so much, he even almost ran for D4 Supervisor.

Sonny started a music label, Rocks in Your Head Records.
It is in the final stages of its Indiegogo campaign (having raised $18k so far!!), with releases planned this year for the all female band Galore, the new Sonny & the Sunsets LP, The Gonks, and a slew of additional musicians from San Francisco.

Sonny has so much passion for politics, art, and music. He has created a platform for the diverse crop of amazing artists and musicians coming out of San Francisco right now. He is attempting to reclaim San Francisco’s identity as the West Coast’s most exciting and creative hub for music.

His label really represents San Francisco, and bringing SF up from the ashes – representing a burgeoning scene (and one that never left).  SF was really hit hard by the tech crunch and there was a mass exodus of musicians and artists, closing clubs, labels leaving, etc.  (John Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees, Castle Face Records, Ty Segall, Death Records, the list goes on).
Having faced economic constraints himself, Sonny is familiar with the issues facing major labels and is taking matters into his own hands to support underground artists and help them reach wider audiences.


Andrea de Francisco
Marketing & PR Manager
Rocks In Your Head Records
San Francisco, CA 94110
P.S.:  Here are a couple of music videos that were shot in the Sunset:

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