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Letter to the Editor – California Leads the Nation?


Interestingly, Phil Ting’s list of things California leads the nation in left off some metrics. I wonder why? For example:

According to CNBC, California has the fourth highest income inequality out of all 50 states. Additionally, CNBC notes that California collects more taxes from its residents than all but nine other states. Not surprisingly, we rank number one with the highest state income tax of 13.1 percent, according to turbotax.com.

Now, if all that money bought us something close to Phil’s utopia it might be worth it. However, according to the New York Times, more than one-quarter of the total homeless population nationwide lives in California, roughly 114,000. Additionally, NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit recently reported that a 20m² 153-block of the downtown area was littered with refuse. The report documented discarded needles on 41 blocks and piles of feces on 96. Is this the sort leadership that Phil thinks we ought to be proud of?

Then there is the cost of living. Businessinsider.comreports that the median home price in California is three times the national average. What about electrifying these homes? Well again we appear to have won the jackpot. According to CNBC, California households paying 17.97 cents per kilowatt hour for electricity, or 40.9 percent more than the national average of 12.75 cents. Thanks Phil.

And driving? Californians get the privilege of paying around $3.26 for a gallon of gas, while the rest of the nation has the burden of paying $2.27—roughly one third more. Are my roads in 33 percent better shape than the rest of the nation?

If this is California leading the nation I’d hate to see what happens when we fall behind.

Paul Roscelli

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  1. Amen!!!! GREAT LETTER Paul Roscelli! You are telling it like it is. CA legislators, including our governor, are living in fantasyland where things are the way they want them to be – not as they are. Their CA is an alternate reality. So very sad to see what’s happening to our once great state.

    Irene Kaus SF

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