Outer Sunset Actor Stars in Two Traditional Japanese Plays

Outer Sunset Resident Stars in Local Production

Lluis Valls, a resident of the Outer Sunset, plays two roles in a pair of productions by a local theater group.

Llu's+headshot (1)

Lluis Vall. Courtesy photo.

Theatre of Yugen was founded in 1978 by Yuriko Doi, and is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Japanese theater forms of Kyogen and Noh. The theater continues to innovate and intertwine tradition with new forms and approaches, contributing to the conversation around modern theater.

Valls acts, directs and writes for the theater. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Valls has been a disciple of founder Yuriko Doi since 1993 and served as Theatre of Yugen’s joint artistic director from 2002-2008. 

Theatre of Yugen celebrates its 40th year by presenting two traditional Japanese comedies in English. “Setsubun” (“The Eve of Spring”), celebrates the annual Japanese festival to welcome in spring by scattering beans to chase away misfortune and  “Kakiyamabushi” (“Persimmons and the Mountain Priest”) is a classic story of a brash mountain priest who decides to slake his thirst on juicy stolen persimmons. 

Both plays are directed by the Theatre of Yugen’s founder Yuriko Doi.  

Performances are on Saturday, Feb. 9, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 10, at 2 p.m., at 2840 Mariposa St. For information, call (415) 621-0507 or go to the website at 


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