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City Hall – Gordon Mar

Fresh Start at City Hall

By Supervisor Gordon Mar

As we begin a new year with a new SF Board of Supervisors and a new chance to move our District and City forward, I want to thank Supervisor Katy Tang for her many years of service to our neighborhood.


Supervisor Gordon Mar

My wife Cecilia and I first moved to the Sunset in 2005 to raise our daughter, Lian, and I now have the privilege of representing our neighborhood on the Board of Supervisors. During our campaign, I held listening sessions throughout the neighborhood to hear your concerns, ideas and priorities for the Sunset, which has continued to guide my work. That listening didn’t stop on election day, and so far in my first month I joined our Youth Commissioner Josephine Cureton for a forum on youth engagement, partnered with Climate Action Now to plant trees on Sunset Boulevard and hosted our first neighborhood Town Hall to hear how you think we should spend the $185 million windfall from San Francisco’s Education Revenue Augmentation Funds.

My highest priority in office is to promote transparency, engage communities in the decisions that impact them and improve the public input process across all areas of our work as a City. That’s why in my first Board of Supervisors meeting, I advocated for more public outreach and community engagement in the city’s budget process. At its core, our budget is a statement of our values and is the single most important item I’ll vote on. With a limited window of time and limited resources, community members struggle to get a seat at the table and a meaningful opportunity to express their priorities. There is more we can do at every single step to include, empower and engage the public and, in doing so, to create a better process and a better budget. 

This is also why I’m excited to step into my role as chair of the Government Audit and Oversight Committee. At its best, government is a force for good, for righting wrongs, leveling the playing field and ensuring a fair shake for everyone. And on the local level, San Francisco has a moral responsibility to lead to close the wage gap, empower small businesses, ensure our children are able to afford to live in the City they’re raised in and to set an example for the nation. This committee has an important role to play in pushing for accountable, effective and responsible governance.

Some of you may have read about issues at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, where trauma patients with private insurance policies are being left out of the network, emergency room prices are higher than anywhere in the City and staffing shortages could threaten patient safety. I’ve joined with my colleagues to call for a hearing later this month, asking the SF Department of Public Health to report to the Government Audit and Oversight Committee so we can better understand the root causes of these problems. I’m committed to addressing them. While we as a City should absolutely seek reimbursement from private insurers, we should not be placing the burden of exorbitant bills on patients who deserve the highest quality care, not the highest-possible costs.

I’m also asking the SFMTA to offer more community outreach for the upcoming L-Taraval improvement project, working to bring City College classes to the Sunset, and looking at all of the ways we can make our City work better  for all of us. 

And for the many who’ve asked, yes, we will absolutely be continuing Supervisor Tang’s tradition of a monthly District 4 newsletter (you can sign up on, and will be holding as many neighborhood office hours, town halls, and community meetings as we can. If I haven’t had a chance to meet you yet, I hope to soon, whether you voted for me or not, I’m committed to serving, listening and representing you. 

Gordon Mar represents District 4 on the SF Board of Supervisors and can be reached at (415) 554-7460 or

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