Golden Gate Park

Still rollin’ after 30 years

RR_PageOne_OldCarNov2018 copy

 Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Jimmy’s Old Car Picnic, now called the San Francisco Old Car Picnic, are Jimmy and Julie O’Keefe. The event was held at Hellman Hollow in Golden Gate Park, on Saturday Oct. 20. Jimmy O’Keefe, a retired San Francisco gardener, changed the name of the event to be more inclusive of antique cars. Photos: John Oppenheimer.

RR_Photo5_OldCarNov2018 copy

 Friends admire a 1963 Black SC Porsche at the Old Car Picnic in Golden Gate Park. Car lovers initially united at Speedway Meadow to raise money for handicapped children. Today, the SF Recreation and Park Department benefits from the event.

RR_Photo2_OldCarNov2018 copy

RR_Photo3_OldCarNov2018 copy

RR_Photo4_OldCarNov2018 copy

Photos: John Oppenheimer.

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