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Letter to the Editor – Richmond Review


I disagree with Superior Court Judge Cynthia Lee’s dismissal of the lawsuit which challenged the collusive and questionable actions of the County Transportation Authority, CTA, and the members of the January, 2017 SF Board of Supervisors, who disregarded the Geary-BRT’s discrimination against seniors and disabled persons inherent in the plan they approved.

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Aside from the fact that the Geary- BRT’s proposed dedicated center bus lanes in the Richmond District is not, and never has been, needed, the “populists” in the government won out against common sense and completely disregarded the needs of a large segment of the district.

Their insensitivity may be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its California equivalent.

The proposed center lanes will affect the more than 30 percent of the elderly and disabled in the area. To get to bus boarding zones they’ll have to cross the busy and dangerous Geary Boulevard.

Moreover, at the narrow waiting platform the elderly and disabled (including the blind) will have to compete with ordinary riders, people with baby carriages and animals, while in their wheelchairs or handling canes and walkers, with nowhere to move around and with traffic buzzing around in front and back of them.

It is definitely more dangerous than waiting on the sidewalk, where it is much safer with more room and where it would have been possible to install benches in the future.

My thanks to the volunteers of the lawsuit who generously contributed much time and effort to correct an injustice.

Margie Hom

Former member Geary-BRT Citizens Advisory Committee

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