Police Seek Clues in Outer Sunset Homicide

By Jonathan Farrell

Robert Rueca, a public information officer for the SF Police Department, said the investigation of a shooting that occurred on the corner of 46th Avenue and Moraga Street on Sept. 18 is at a stand-still.

“We have nothing more to report in our investigation of this case,” he said. No suspects have been identified.

On Sept. 18, at approximately 8:53 p.m., neighbors heard shots ring out; shots that killed a 20-year-old man, whom the SF Medical Examiner later identified as Ryan Sacdalan. Police are diligently seeking evidence to determine what happened that fateful night, but they have little to go on at this point.

Residents of the usually quiet Outer Sunset District neighborhood were shocked by the shooting. Some left flowers on the corner of the crime scene, where bullet holes and broken glass were visible.

In previous reports to Bay Area media outlets, residents and shoppers at the Outer Noriega Street commercial strip said they heard nothing prior to the gunshots, no altercation or shouting.

John Rodriguez, 36, was home cooking dinner when he heard the gunfire. He said he looked out of the window and saw a man dressed in jeans and white shoes yelling, “OK, we got to go.” The man then jumped into the passenger side of a car and it sped away on 46th Avenue.

Rodriguez said he saw several pedestrians who, upon hearing the gunshots, rushed out to try to help. Lifesaving efforts were not enough to save the victim. Five to eight gunshots were heard by witnesses. It is not clear if they saw one or several suspects flee the scene.

According to the victim’s father, Simoun Sacdalan, Ryan was supposedly with friends that Tuesday evening and he wants to know why this tragic event occurred. He told reporters his son was a “good boy” who had a car of his own and was going to school. His son would have turned 21 years of age in November.

Rueca and the SF Police Department are asking anyone with any information in this case to come forward. The Taraval Station has an anonymous tip line at (415) 242-9753

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