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Dist. 4 Supervisor Candidate – Gordon Mar

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Gordon Mar

I’m running for supervisor because the Sunset deserves a proven leader and independent voice at City Hall.

I came to San Francisco in 1988 after graduating from U.C. Berkeley, drawn by our rich culture, values and diversity. My wife, Cecilia, and I came to the Sunset in 2005 to raise our daughter, Lian, who is now in eighth grade at Herbert Hoover Middle School.

Today, much of what brought me to this great city 30 years ago and to the family-friendly Sunset 13 years ago is threatened to be wiped out by the housing affordability crisis and the growing economic and social problems in our City.

I think of my daughter, and worry whether she and her friends will be able to afford to live in the city they are being raised in. And I think of Lian visiting me at my office in the Tenderloin at the hotel workers’ union hall, stepping over needles and waste and walking past so many people living on the streets. San Franciscans deserve better.

The Sunset deserves housing that’s affordable, trains that show up on time, local businesses that are thriving and neighborhood services for seniors and families. The Sunset deserves to be a safe and clean neighborhood, where residents have a voice in decisions impacting their lives.

I have been working on these issues as a community leader and non-profit executive for more than 25 years. I’ve played a leadership role in broad-based efforts to:

  Save City College from closure and make it tuition-free, and increase SFUSD funding and pay for teachers and school workers;

  Expand services for seniors, including the creation of the Support At Home program;

  Raise San Francisco’s minimum wage and create the nation’s first ever Retail Workers Bill of Rights;

  Expand access to good jobs for San Franciscans by ensuring large companies hire locally;

  Cut wasteful spending at City Hall by convening a budget oversight coalition to make sure our money is spent to meet our needs;

  Protect our environment by co-founding a regional environmental health coalition, serving on the SF Commission on the Environment and expanding recycling services citywide.

I’m proud of my record, and I love my neighborhood. I’ve worked — and won — for San Franciscans and will continue to fight for you as supervisor. I will continue to bring people together, build coalitions and listen to our communities. I will continue to deliver and get things done, bringing my decades of experience to City Hall.

As your supervisor, I will be accountable to you and will hold City Hall accountable to the Sunset. I will work with you to set our district’s priorities.

I would be honored to receive your vote. Together, we can take the Sunset forward.

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