Police Beat

Police Beat – Sunset District

School is Back in Session

By Capt. Robert Yick

It is amazing how fast summer has come and gone. I want to thank everyone who attended National Night Out. We had fun meeting and chatted with everyone. A special thanks to those who volunteered and made contributions to the event.

The Outside Lands Concert attracted thousands of people and a number of attendees later gravitated to the Irving Street corridor. During the event, we periodically received noise complaints from residents, and some were from the Lake Merced area. We thank you for your patience as we were able to work with the event coordinator to get the bass  turned down to a moderate level.

It is back to school for many students. In partnership with Vision Zero SF, we ask that you use the sidewalk and school paths when walking to school. The safest place to cross the street is at the crosswalk or corners. Watch for moving cars in the driveway and intersections and obey all traffic signs and crossing guards.

If you are driving, don’t park in bus zones and loading zones and do not block driveways, crosswalks or curb ramps. Obey all traffic signs and slow down in school zones. If a school bus stops and the lights are flashing with its stop signs extended, traffic from both directions must stop until the signs retract. We will continue to conduct traffic enforcement in school zones during drop-off and pick-up hours.

With the month coming to a close, our crime stats as of Aug. 27 are as follows: there have been seven robberies and 32 burglaries, 15 of which were residential and 101 from vehicles. We are constantly monitoring our crime data statistics and are diligently working to decrease these numbers for the rest of the year.

I want to invite everyone to our upcoming SF Police Commission meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 2850 19th Ave., from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call the Taraval Station at (415) 759-3100. We are here to help and assist you any way we can.

Capt. Robert Yick is the commanding officer at the Taraval Station.

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